Essentiq Bulgaria

Can you imagine life without herbs, spices, flowers, vegetables or fruits?fb-cover_ice

Essentiq cosmetic products contain natural minerals, plant extracts, ethereal oils and natural preservatives. The products do not contain harmful substances, such as synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, bleaches, fragrances, or stabilisers, etc.

We have developed a symbol to signal this quality of our products. For every product labelled with this symbol we guarantee that it:
contains at least 95% natural ingredients, of which are at least 10 % are produced by organic farming
does not contain known toxins that can irritate the skin or eyes or cause allergies or are carcinogenic. Our products do not contain formaldehydes, paraffins, propylene glycol, silicon or chlorine derivates
does not contain substances that are believed to be able to irritate the skin or eyes or cause allergies or cancerous diseases, even though their toxicity is not conclusively proven yet. Therefore, our products do not contain parabens, polyethylene glycol (PEG), Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), sodium lauryl ether sulphate or sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), synthetic colouring agents, phenoxyethanol, petroleum-based ingredients or ethoxylated products
does not contain genetically-modified organisms
does not contain ingredients derived from animals, unless naturally produced by them, such as milk or honey, etc.
has packaging made from recyclable materials

Essentiq facial care for women is certified by an internationally recognised inspection and certification organisation, Ecocert. Ecocert, among others, checks and certifies the production of natural and organic cosmetics in accordance with the internal Ecocert standard.

In order to mark a product as natural and organic certified by Ecocert, at least 95 % of plant ingredients in the product must be from organic farming. At least 10% of all ingredients by weight should originate from organic farming.

Besides prescribing the origin of natural and organic ingredients, Ecocert also forbids the use of numerous substances that can be found in products due to their formulation, but are not of natural and organic origin. Among these, Ecocert forbids the use of:

ingredients obtained from living or dead animals, unless naturally produced by them, such as milk or honey, etc.
synthetic colorants, perfumes, anti-oxidants, emollients, oils and fats, silicones, or ingredients originating from the petrochemical industry
other synthetic ingredients, which can be naturally harvested or produced with organic farming
known pollutants

Summarised from: Ecocert standards for natural and organic cosmetics (you can read more on Ecocert standards and demand at:


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