Event Presentation of our new product BioRhythm and the new add to our crown – EssentiQ

We are glad to present you that Natural Cosmetic Ltd will be  performing a presentation of our new product BioRhythm SHOWER GEL on 26th of March (Varna, Bulgaria),  leaded  by our head  Master of Pharmacy Lidiya Stoycheva and her great  team  staff in order to make the  demonstration rich and  worthy to acknowledge  what new natural miracles we have made for you. We will let you test   that moisture purity  that we have made for your comfort and joy every time  it caresses your skin, with your daily  rituals.


Also during this presentation  we will announce and show our new add to our natural garden – EssentiQ – ” for you From nature ” http://www.essentiq-cosmetics.com,  another  gentle way to meet nature  and try one of  the best products for you, based on herbs, species and more ingredients carefully selected from worlds garden ,that will make your skin&hair  shine from the first moment.


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  1. NotQuiteLondon says:

    Love the look of those bottles x

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    1. Thank you very much for your nice words. We do like our products to be elegant. Soon we will present more of the collection!

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