Macadamia Nuts Oil Uses in Hair and Skincare

That’s why Natural Cosmetic LTD. likes to implement that precious oil to our products

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Macadamia trees are found mainly on Australian East coast. It is even called Queensland Nuts…however, we find it commonly in New South Wells too.

macadamia nuts

Driving along macadamia farms around Byron Bay-NSW gave me the inspiration to write this post.

I use very often macadamia oil in my formulation, and the picking time begins now…in end of March.

macadamia nuts oil benefits

Aboriginal persons were calling this nuts “Jindilli”.

aboriginal woman picking nuts

Nowadays, macadamia is also cultivated in Kenya, South Africa, and Hawai

Macadamia nuts, are, of course, excellent and very tasty nuts, but they are also perfect for the skin. Restructuring, nurrishing, protective and soothing, this vegetal oil can be used on fragile skins as well as to treat cracks.

It is a very fluid oil which is penetrating well into the skin without leting an oily feeling.

It is perfect to be used as a massage oil or in any DIY cosmetic.

The INCI name is…

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