~~ Principles For selection of quality cosmetics ~~


In hall 5 was held seminar PRINCIPLES FOR SELECTION OF QUALITY COSMETICS – A glimpse into the world of ingredients. Lydia Stoicheva – Krasteva (master pharmacist and product manager “Natural Cosmetics”) tells the latest requirements of EU legislation; for main and most discussed ingredients (like  parabens) for subtleties in reliance on cosmetic ingredients. It was provided brief information about advertising in accordance with the new European regulation. Also the public did some very interesting questions in the end of the seminar.The lector Lydia Stoicheva – Krasteva did respond in depth and cleared any doubts over the questions that was created. Everybody was grateful to hear that complex information translated into an easy to understand way.  It was important to implement the sense of responsibility and care  for the products and clients in the same measures for both. As major producers we all have to protect our values and choose wisely in this vast  sea of opportunities.


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