~~ Join us and share part of you with us! ~~~


Hello dear friends!
To celebrate the joy of the wonderful responses you give us and  make the Fall even more magical We decided to put part of YOU in each product! A small game for your imagination.

We are seeking  for 7 different slogans to write on our etiquettes of the new products for body care that  we are releasing –  shower gel and body cream.
The subject : why do you like natural cosmetics in your  life?!
The Active ingredients are: Argan ,Moringa , Macadamia , Sandalwood , Jasmine , Grapefruit ,  Menta , Wheat germ.

Inspire your creativity with Nature , we can’t wait to see the results!

Winners will be announced in the end of the month (30 Nov ).
Awards will be given to all the 7 selected authors!
You can Email us , write your inspirational slogan below or reach us on any social media we are in:)

Good luck!

Source: ~~ Join us and share part of you with us! ~~~

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