Natural Cosmetic Logo

Natural Cosmetic Ltd. is a Bulgarian company, specialized in production of Face and Body Care Products with Essential Oils.

Our portfolio includes:
o Professional Body Care Products with Essential Oils, distributed in SPA and Wellness centers, Beauty salon(s) studios
o Face and Body Home Care Products – 24 hour skin care

The beginning: First products on the market in 2007

o Organic essential oils – effective and proven therapeutic properties, balanced in the best appropriate medium
o Harmony between nature and science – knowledge and wisdom from naturopathy and ancient philosophies, combined with modern scientific technologies
o Focus – individuality and purity
o Biologically active ingredients – organic essential and vegetable oils from licensed Bulgarian and foreign producers
o Face and Body Care Products free from parabens, animal-derived ingredients and genetically modified raw materials. Not tested on animals.

o Natural ingredients certified by IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and ECOCERT

The products are designed, following the latest biotechnology and offer advanced solutions and harmony between man and nature. We use natural ingredients with effective and proven therapeutic properties, to balance the urban lifestyle and the bounty of earth.Our newly prepared organic skin care line is Rosa Pretiosa. The rich properties of the harmonising and revitalising Bulgarian Rose are composed into luxurious facial creams for all skin types. The unique products go beyond improving the physical appearance – they regenerate, nourish and protect, offer more natural lifestyle. They restore the skin’s natural rhythm. The result: a refined, rejuvenated and harmonious complexion.

o The most successful new product in 2007
– Representatives from 16 countries, engaged in the production and marketing of cosmetic products, nominate their selection for the best products in the world
– Natural Cosmetic Body Cream – was awarded best innovative product giving the skin velvety and softness.
o Nominated for Spa Cosmetics of 2011 at the Annual SPA Nominations in Bulgaria

Full member of the Bulgarian National Association Essential oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics

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